Monday, February 27, 2012

Oh Happy Day!

So a week ago today, I got an email that alleviated so much stress in my life! My friend MC emailed to ask if I still needed a roommate. Yes! I do! Please be my roommate!

Y'all remember the train wreck that was right before Christmas concerning the prior roomie situation. Well I've been roommateless (is that a word?) since December 22nd. Even though that roommate lasted a month, I'm sorta not counting her as a roommate anymore. In my book, that was a bleep on the radar.

Since I don't count the 4 week girl, I've very much enjoyed living alone for the past 6 months. I like only having me to pick up after. And I don't have to ask if its okay to have people over or worry if I'm being too loud when I stay up late. But the down side is that I have no money! None. Nada. Zero.

A little more fun money will be nice! Also, I really like MC (no she is not a MC from MC ha). I think this is going to be a great situation for both MC and I.

To top it off, she is moving in on Sunday! Yes, that's right. 13 days from start to finish! I can't believe how quick we went from email to move in date. Yay for split rent and utilities again!

Southern Gal

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