Monday, February 13, 2012

Crafts + Party Time!

On Friday I talked about all my crafting plans for Shelley's baby shower. Well the day of her shower finally arrived and my house was ready to celebrate the glowing momma!

Here are the glitter lanterns along with the drinks table! They were battery operated so they twinkled during the party.
We served a cranberry + lime punch, water, and hot chocolate to go along with our winter food themed menu. We had Bailey's, Vanilla Vodka or Rum if guest wanted to spice up their hot chocolate. Bailey's and hot chocolate, yummmmm.

Here is the mantle with my moss initial. I used a variety of silver candle holders, white tappered candles, votive candles, and magnolia leaves. Pretty simple but I was thrilled with the results. The moss initial added much needed texture and another shade of green. The color scheme for the party was blue, white, and silver so I stuck with blue, white, and grey onesies.
Momma-to-be with one of her friends.

I also made some white and silver tissue pom-poms. I learned a few pom-poms lessons haha
  1. Do NOT use target brand tissue paper. Too thin.
  2. Michael's tissue paper works perfectly.
  3. Make sure you buy tissue paper that is all the same size. Cutting tissue paper down to size is not easy.
What crafting have you done for baby showers or bridal showers?

Southern Gal

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