Saturday, February 11, 2012

Crafting for ESM

On Superbowl Sunday I co-hosted a baby shower at my house for a dear, sweet friend of mine. I was fortunate enough to meet her at the company where I work. Over time we became close friends and we've been there for each other through some crazy things! When Shelley married her husband, they eloped at a winery in the mountains. They were high school sweethearts that reconnected about 10 years later. I love their love story! I had the privilege of loaning her jewelry for her wedding day as well as helping her with all the last minute details for their intimate ceremony. (gah, I'm tearing up just typing all this)

Fast foward a couple years, Shelley and Brain are having a baby! On February 25th, ESM will grace us with his presences. We are all so excited to meet this little fella.

  When I found out Shelley was prego, I started planning the shower in my head! I mentioned a few on my crafting plans here. I spent the weekend prior to the shower crafting up a storm. I lucked out with beautiful weather to get all my projects done.

Blue glitter lanterns. My backyard is STILL covered in glitter lol
I used spray adhesive on the lanterns. I highly advise that this is not a project to do after a manicure. I had remnants of spray glue on my hands, nails, and arms for several days lol.

Moss initial in honor of ESM for the mantle decor. Note- ESM will go by his middle name, hence the S.

Check back tomorrow to see all the projects done and set up for the momma-to-be!

Goodnight Moon,
Southern Gal

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