Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2 Month Catch-up?! Ack!


Major blog fail. I am so mad at myself for letting so much time pass with no new post. I've taken pictures along the way with every intention of posting.

Let's pick up where I left off!

My first roast! Christmas Supper Club, December 2011

Here is our Christmas Supper Club spread! It was a potluck and since I did the main dish and everyone else brought the trimmings.

On Christmas Eve I made a tiramisu pie. It was AMAZING! (yes, I'm bragging ha)

Christmas and New Year's were perfect. (that's a whole separate post)

So hello 2012 and happy birthday to JB!
We did a brewery tour. Fun times! The Bull City is really talented with hops.

January continued to fly by with Alice in Wonderland at my Alma Mater. Once every college generation, the staff and professors perform this tradition for the students. Family, friends, and alumna can attend the dress rehearsal. Prior to the show, the college hosted a tea party.
Sugar Megnolia and I picked up these playing card cookies. We choose 6 from the deck because we are from the class of 2006. We are so clever!
Alice in Wonderland memorabilia the college has collected through the years.

"You're nothing but a pack of cards!" -Alice

Whew, I hope I didn't bore you with lots of photos and few stories. I've got a couple more posts lined up. I promise to be back tomorrow with some DIY posts!


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