Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Finally Party Time!

Now that I've shown you all the crafting for ESM, lets party!

Welcome table by the front door with memory book and Wishes for Baby. Guests filled out a Wishes for Baby and we did a memory book and filled it with funny quotes from the shower, photos, and any other advice that guests wanted to share with Mommy or ESM.

Wishes for Baby is an easy printable. 

 It's a Boy! Hersey kisses

Food!! Our winter foods menu included tomato bisque, veggie tray with dip, fruit platter with dip, chicken pot pie bites, cupcakes, Oreo cookie pudding, pimento cheese, goat cheese, and mini open-face grill cheese bites.

We served the tomato bisque in punch glasses. I love the presentation!! Honestly, I was nervous to serve soup since Santa brought me a new white living room area rug. There were no accidents; yippie!

Mini cupcakes!

Cookie Monster Mommy and Daddy cupcakes. The M family is growing by two feet.

Mini marshmallows to add to the hot chocolate and mini marshmallows and mini Oreo stirring sticks.

I hope you've picked up on the Oreo theme through out. Momma-to-Be has been feening for all things Oreo during this pregnancy.

Yay baby goodies!

Bella decided to check things out for a bit.

It was so much fun to co-hosting this party! It was intimate and just what the Mommy wanted. I love when a party matches the Guest of Honor so perfectly.

What's the best party you've ever hosted or co-hosted??

Happy Hosting,

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