Monday, December 12, 2011

A Steel Magnolia Monday Morning

As I previously mentioned my roommate is planning to move out. All I ask is that the situation is handled fairly. Am I asking too much? Apparently for that Yankee, I am.

She initially came to me on Thursday evening, we revisited the conversation on Friday evening and concluded that she had till Sunday to make her final decision. I did not hear from her until Monday morning. She blew right past the established deadline. I really don't appreciate lack of communication. Also, I'm a tad neurotic so EVERYTHING snowballs in my head.

Let's be clear here. I did not create this situation. I'm not asking her to break her rent agreement; yet, somehow she feels its my job to fix this for her so she can waltz away without paying for her own actions. Bless her heart because that poor girl has another thing comin'. I don't take kindly to arrogant individuals.

This morning we had another conversation about this situation. I may or may not have left the house with her crying in her room this morning. The jury is out but I'm guessing she has shed a few tears now.  However, I have not been rude. If tears have been shed on her end, its out of her own guilt for knowing she is trying to do wrong.

Let me tell ya'll, I have never in this world been more proud of myself as I was on Friday evening and this morning for how I've handle the situation. I truly believe that she thought I was some dumb, southern girl that wouldn't put up a fight. Clearly, she hasn't been in the South long enough to know the definition of a true Steel Magnolia. We'll will be sweet as pie until crossed. Once you've crossed me, I can be Hell on Heels; however, this morning I was wearing boots!

Speaking of Southern

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  1. holy moly, what a mess! I'm so sorry you're going through this. I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya that it works out :)