Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Blessings

Minus all the roommate D.R.A.M.A., this holiday has seemed extra magical. I'm not sure I can pinpoint the reason, but I'm so thankful to enjoy another Christmas with those I love so dearly.

This year I decided not to host my annual Christmas cocktail. While I miss that party like WHOA, I have gotten to enjoy new opportunities. For starters, I have attended every party I've been invited to minus one because I was unable to safely travel due to poor party-hopping planning (sorry Merdeezy Hollaaas!). Also, I've been able to be more spontaneous this year. In years past, my month was planned out to the minute just to get everything done. With the huge weight of the party planning gone, I have found time. I've baked; I've enjoyed quality time with all my friends; I've felt less rushed; I've felt more at peace than I have in a long time.

Last week, was my busy week for holiday gathers. These get-to-togethers typically are small pockets of friends getting together to celebrate each other's company.

Monday- Random dinner with Kat then lots of holiday baking.

Tuesday- Christmas Bunco...yaya me for loser's prize!

Wednesday- New Year's Eve movie with my kt from This Old House, and several other friends. We added a little flare to the evening with some wine roadies and I brought a baggie of baked goodies for everyone.

Thursday- Dinner with my BAGEL gals and more baked goodies from my kitchen.

Friday- Christmas shopping tradition with, a former co-worker, now dear friend who came from 2 hours away to shopping, hang out, continue a tradition.

Saturday- old roommate, Les, made a surprise trip to town and we spent the whole day together. I must really love her because I drove her to the mall in holiday traffic!! Then a lovely evening of Christmas partying, including donating to Toys-for-Tots!

Sunday- Mom and dad came to treat me to brunch and then I started prepping for tomorrow night's Supper Club.

Monday- Hosted Christmas Supper Club

Seriously there is no way my week could have been any better. No night was double-booked, everyone was in a festive mood, and I'm so blessed for all the amazing people in my life.

Tomorrow I'll share pictures from Supper Club. I put one of my friends in charge of taking pictures but she only took 3 :( Oh well, I can showoff my first roast!

Jingle Bells,
Southern Gal

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