Saturday, November 5, 2011


Hello Blog World!

I hope everyone is staying warm and dry on this chilly, damp November evening. So this is a new blog for me. I'm transitioning from an old blog so I can start fresh. I feel that a fresh start, look, and title, will empower me to make a true commitment to blogging.

If you clicked back to my old blog, you'll see that I've got a BIG list of DIY and goals. I have been working on several projects but it's too soon to share pictures. The weather has not been cooperating and I'm on the verge of taping off my kitchen and doing some projects inside. I keep hoping we'll have an Indian summer so I can get a little bit more work done outside before the chill sets in for the winter.

In other news, I spent yesterday evening and this evening at Junior League's A Shopping SPREE!

Sir Walter Raleigh is dressed for the occasion!
personal photo

If you don't know anything about SPREE! then let me take a moment to share the wonders of this once a year shopping event. So the Junior League hosts this big holiday market at the convention center for 4 days. Its overwhelming, with all its glitter, music, fun product, and interesting finds. There must be 200 vendor selling their wares. You can find everything from shoes, food, furniture, art, holiday decorations, beauty products, clothes, everything, and I mean everything there.

SPREE! has become a tradition for me and my old roommate. We always go Thursday and Friday evenings after work. Last year my mom started showing interest in going so she comes to town for the day over the weekend to enjoy my company (obviously!) and the capital city. This year she'll be here on Sunday since I have a wedding on Saturday to attend.

Speaking of weddings, I should head to bed for some beauty rest. Maybe I'll meet my future husband tomorrow night across the reception dance floor, and bags under my eyes would be devastating! A girl can dream....


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