Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oyster Roast vs. Christmas Cocktail

Decisions, decisions, decisions this holiday season!

Every year since graduating college I have hosted a Christmas Cocktail so its become an annual event for me and my friends. This year, my cute (cough cough single)  neighbor man asked me what I thought about us hosting an Oyster Roast together this holiday season. Well knock my socks off, I love hosting parties!!

So now, I have a decision to make- host a Christmas Cocktail OR a Christmas Oyster Roast???

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Most of my friends don't seem to mind either way. Several have expressed a desire to continue the Christmas Cocktail. I wish I could do both. I value tradition and it breaks my heart at the thought of not having a cocktail this season. However, I'm really excited about the possibility of challenging myself and trying a new type of party.

I've already started receiving Christmas party invitations and I feel behind on my whole planning process. I guess I need to buckle down this weekend and make some decisions.

Whats your vote? Christmas Cocktail or Oyster Roast??

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