Monday, November 28, 2011

Working on that DIY List

I promised myself that I would learn more about Blogger and look what I've done! I just figured out how to post pictures side-by-side AND centered! YAY me....I know, its the little things in life that you need to remember to celebrate. I think this is the first time that my HTML class from college finally helped me!....Obviously it didn't work! What am I doing wrong? Can anyone help a gal out?!

Personal Photos

So the adorable little one in the pictures above is my nephew. He is a hot mess that I love to pieces! He is so much fun and is ready to take on the world. We picked up some Christmas trees on Friday morning and he was ready to haul them back home for us with his Daddy. Needless to say he was not a happy camper when we took him out of the truck and strapped him into his car seat in Mommy's car.

I can't believe Thanksgiving is over for another year. This year I collected pecans from my yard (yay for pecan trees!), shelled them and made chocolate pecan pie. Its amazing how much money I saved as well as how much better the pie was with fresh pecans. The pie wasn't even around long enough for me to snap a photo! My sister-in-law and my mom have requested this pie for Christmas!

I've got a couple more DIY projects coming for the holidays! Today I collected sticks for my next'll have to stick around to see why!

Sweet Dreams,
Southern Gal

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