Monday, March 26, 2012

House Hunting

Since my home is on the market, and has an offer on it, I've been hunting. Let's dive right into whats out there.....

The Circle- The rental company wouldn't meet me at the unit. I could "check out the key from the office [which is 40 minutes away from the unit] and return it when I was done looking at the unit." Umm no thank you. I can't even imagine what kind of landlords that company would be. If the wash machine, hot water heater, or ac broke, do I have to drive them to Clayton too??? Come on, work with me folks!

Apartments/Cottages on Grant- Saw 3 different units and eh is about all I can say. Not bad, not great.

2 bedroom/2bathroom condo in Bishop's Park- Got rented while I was making my appointment to see the place. womp womp

2ish bedroom/1 bathroom condo in Bishop's Park- Third floor walk up, no thanks. I can't carry a 40 pound bag of kitty litter that many flights of stairs. However, even though its only 1 bath, its a jack-n-jill bathroom which is nice when sharing with a roommate. The "second bedroom" is really a glorified walk in closet. It really shouldn't be considered a 2 bedroom condo.

Dylan townhouse- Love, love, love. I know several people in the cul-de-sac but its out of my price range.

Cameron Village townhouse on St Mary's St- Ok, but seemed slightly sketchy- the unit, not the neighborhood. The current tenants were moving out, after living there for only one week. Strange. Plus the bathroom ceiling looked like it was going to come down any moment.

Cameron Village townhouse on Wade Ave- They returned the first round of emails but I never heard from them again. I even called and got nothing. Rude.

Duplex on Chamberlain- No.

Duplex off Oberlin- Love! Hoping to go back for a second look!

2-Story Duplex off Oberlin- Way out of my price range!

That is just a taste of all my hunting. Beyond this list, there have been countless unreturned phone calls and emails. Its amazing how ridged some of these people are about showing their places. I would think they would be ready to collect some rental income!

I know I'm on a time crunch but I'm not going to settle. I know the perfect home will appear. I always land on my feet, and this time is no different.

Happy Hunting,
Southern Gal

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