Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer Reading #2

Thank you for your summer reading suggestions that y'all emailed me.

I have read...

White Girl Problems
This was hilarious! I could totally identify friends/myself throughout the book. It was a quick read and very entertaining. Her adventures had me laughing with every turn of the page. If you are looking for something serious, profound, etc, then I suggest you find another book.

The Secret Lives of Dresses
This book was really sweet. It is sad in parts but I found myself cheering on the protagonist. I did cry but I would read it again. Its a quick read! I just found it at the book store and bought it on a whim. Two thumbs up.

Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy 
I'm sure you have heard lots of opinions about these books. I liked them for what they are. They aren't meant to be the next great American novels or Shakespeare. They are fan-lit. There is more to the storyline than wild, insane sex. By book 3, I found myself wanting to get to the story!

Bitter is the New Black
Jen Lancaster is hilarious. This was her first book she wrote and its based on her own life. She is raw, honest, funny, and real. Truthfully, I appreciated her snotty-ness.

Current Read...

Preppy in Plaid
I'm only about 20 pages in so I don't have much of an impression at the moment. (Same author as Bitter is the New Black)


Gone Girl, Summer Rental, Spring Fever, and Bright Lights, Big Ass
These books are recommendations but I'm not sure what order I'll read them in. I'll probably read Gone Girl so I can return it to a friend. Its about a wife that goes missing. I LOVE borrowing books instead of paying for them! Bright Lights, Big Ass is another Jen Lancaster book. I saw Spring Fever on BitP blog and from that I found Summer Rental. I'll let yall know how they go.

Edit- I also have I Totally Meant to do That in my queue. A director from my old job talked nonstop about this book so maybe I'll have to squeeze this in very soon.

What else have you been reading this summer??

Happy Reading,
Southern Gal

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