Thursday, August 30, 2012


I've decided that summer sickness is the worst! Absolute. Worst. Ever.

I was out of work for three days this week. If you know me, I don't take sick days. Especially three in a row. I had every possible funk all rolled up into one. All I wanted was to pull out fleece pjs, stocks, hoodies, but it was way too hot for all that. Blah.

I watched way too much tv over the past few days. Since its still summer, there was only one new show on my DVR. Thank you Dance Moms (I can't give you a link bc is blocked at work?) for giving me one hour of entertainment over the past 3 days. Theres a new dancer and mom in town and they are gonna be a handful! I wonder if she'll dance at Nationals. Do you think Maddie will have a solo at Nationals?? Drama, drama.

It got so bad, that last night I watched an hour special on Lizzie Borden AND an hour special on Jack the Ripper.  The show last night found James Kelly guilty of the Jack the Ripper killings. Apparently there were 10 total across London and the US. I also watched the series final of Teen Mom (tear). I'm gonna miss those silly girls! I really do hope Amber gets her life together.
Today is my Monday and tomorrow is Friday with a three day weekend. I've got all my days completely out of whack now. I have a feeling I'll be even more confused at some point next week.

Lesson the week- take your vitamins year round. 

I hope the germs stay far away!

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