Wednesday, August 8, 2012

No Cake for You!

Sadly my dreams were smashed last night and I won't be frolicking in the land of icing bags, sugar flowers, and piping tips.

My friend, K, and I arrived at my cake decorating class about 30 mins early to pay for the class and get settled. Well we got there and the lady looked at us like we was crazy. Ok, so maybe she was super polite, but the reality is she snatched my dreams from me. I. BLAME. HER. There I said it.

Let me tell you what happened.

We walked in and asked what we was suppose to do, where we was suppose to go. Miss Dream-Snatcher looked at me and asked me where my supplies were. Well I didn’t have any. I thought since I was paying for the class, that would cover my supplies. Neither one of us had supplies. Miss D-S pulled out a supply list from her handy-dandy notebook and informed K and I that there was no way we could gather all our supplies before class started. Thanks for that vote of confidence. 

Anyways, said list would have been helpful last week! Keep in mind there is NO supply list anywhere on the website. Also when we called to confirm, no supply list was mentioned. K and I are smart people so I REALLY want to know how the other people in the class knew what to bring. It wasn't fair.

So maybe Miss D-S didn’t smash my dreams into a trillion pieces, but she messed up my cake plans this month AND K's birthday. Yes, yesterday was K's birthday and the fine people at AC Moore ruined it. I hope they feel guilty.

 I just want to learn how to make a nice basket weave on a cupcake. Seriously, am I asking too much?! AC Moore, you are now on my S*** List! Maybe I’ll go take the class at Michael’s instead.


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