Thursday, August 23, 2012

4 Month Reflection

Yesterday marked four months of being at my new job- uhh, how did that happen?! Sometimes I feel like I've been here forever and other days, I feel like its my first day.

I can say, without question, that changing jobs was the best thing. My stress levels appreciate it, my checkbook loves it, my family and friends see a huge change in me. Granted, while I LOVED my old job and coworkers, I was burnt out. The reality is, that happens. Its no one's fault. It was just the nature of that job. 

I have learned so much at my new job. Its amazing to see the differences between a state nonprofit and a national nonprofit. I have all the good corporate benefits (my insurance is out of this world!, and I have support everywhere I look) yet still have the "we roll up our sleeves and get the job done" mentality. Since I have never worked corporate America, I can't accurately compare- just my assumptions. But my blog so I can assume away!

I've also been surprised how much knowledge I've been able to apply from my old job. I'm no longer in the MH/DD field and I'm no longer doing design work so I wasn't sure how many skills would transfer.

I've made it through 3/4 of our events, all were in June. We have one major event left for the year and that will be a breeze compared to June.

I'm thrilled where life is taking me and I haven't looked back once!

Southern Gal

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