Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Showering Bridal Wishes

Last month we were celebrating Shannon in Charlottesville, then at the end of March we showered Shannon's sister, Stacia, with bridal wishes! Yes, Shannon and Stacia are both engaged and are getting married 6 weeks apart!! Needless today it has been a busy spring for these sisters!

Stacia lives in town and Shannon lives about an hour away so I opened my house for the shower. It was bittersweet. It was my last party here so while my chapter here closes, it was wonderful to celebrate Stacia as she begins her next chapter as wife and Mrs. W.

Welcome guests! I don't know how well you can see the decorations, but we had tissue wedding bells hanging from railings as well as wedding bell garland looped around the railings too.

Oddly enough, I have truly enjoyed my mantle since Christmas complaints. I've not had any decorating dilemmas. I've kept it clean and simple. A moss 'W', white hydrangeas, magnolia leaves, and candles. Classic and timeless. Also, Stacia is a photographer with natural talent so we decked the house out with pictures of her and her future hubby starting with the mantle.

 Here we have the drink table. We served wine (red and white), water, and had an ice coffee bar. That was a hit! I will have to do that again for future parties.

Next to the drink table, I have this huge/random message board that takes up a whole wall in my kitchen. We carried the clothespins and pictures into the kitchen onto the memo board. Remember my glitter lanterns from ESM? I've kept them hanging since because I like the splash of color!

Food table- yum!! Shannon had food catered, including chicken salad, pimento cheese, corn dip, pasta salad, and broccoli salad. It was delicious and I'll use that caterer for future events!

The side table set up with plates, napkins, silverware, and dessert baskets. Shannon's fiance made Andes mint cookies and they are amazing! Shannon also had the caterer make strawberry cake pops. Mid-party I realized I wasn't taking enough pictures so I apologize for the random wine glass in the picture.

The night before the party, Shannon and I made mini key lime pies. I must love these sisters to juice thousands of key limes for those pies!!! About midway through squeezing key limes, I asked Shannon why we couldn't use store bought key lime juice. Apparently she didn't realize you can buy that at the grocery store.

We did play one shower game. When guests arrived, we asked each one to take a note card, write advice, wisdom, tidbits, etc for the bride. Once they were done writing, we had them fold their card and drop it into a vase. While the Bride-to-Be was opening presents, each guest read a card (not theirs) and Stacia had to guess who wrote the tip.

We had a full house and everyone showered Stacia with tons of gorgeous gifts. Lucky girl!

Yay for love!

Mother of the Bride(s), MOH, Bride

These sisters are beautiful, inside and out. I am so excited to watch Stacia walk down the aisle in May!! You'll see these ladies a few more times this month as we have a wedding next week!

Southern Bridesmaid (haha)

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