Thursday, April 12, 2012

Big Announcement #2

I picked a new home! I decided on the Dylan townhouse. Ahhhh I can't believe this is all happening. Yes, I'm starting a new job and moving all at once. New job begins on the 16th and the townhouse is mine on the 20th. Apparently, I wanted to be a crazy lady this month haha.

Let the packing begin....

 Empty china hutch and empty boxes.

Most of my kitchen is boxed up below. Yikes, this is really happening! Side note- my mom rocks. She is on Spring Break and drove here to spend the day packing and cleaning while I was at work. Can you believe that?!?!?!

As a best friend and former duplex roomie quoted Samatha from S&TC, "A lot of shit went down in this apartment. Attention must be paid!" Its the end of an era in so many ways- job, and home. I'm excited about all the upcoming changes and slightly freaked out.

Stick around to discover how these changes work out!

Southern Gal

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  1. yay for packing and fresh starts! and fresh places to decorate :)