Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Big Announcement #1

Hey Yall!

So I officially gave my 2-week notice at work!!!!! Yay! That is correct, I have left my job of six years (gasp!) and have decided to join a national nonprofit team. I'm super excited!!! I am behind in announcing my job change on the blog; so far behind that today is my last day!!

Today is not officially 2 full weeks, but sometime ago I put in for vacation for this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Since it was already approved, it is considered part of my 2 weeks.

A couple of my awesome friends decided that we must celebrate so we tried our local Wine & Design. Big hit but holy cow, lots of concentration!

This blank canvas will soon be Charleston's Rainbow Road.

Wine & Design strongly encourages their guests to bring snacks, wine, etc. KtP took care of JB and I with this amazing apple and goat cheese tart, as well as pimento cheese and crackers. I LOVE when KtP cooks, yumm-o!!

Midway through. At this point, my phone died so I'm hoping someone will email me the picture of the 3 of us (hint, hint).

Final piece! Not bad for my first time. I'm ready to try another piece. Who wants to go??

Wine & Design was a neat way to celebrate.  I'm so lucky to have these girls in my life to take the time to celebrate me! Thank you KtP and JB xoxo

Check back tomorrow for MORE news haha

Happy Tuesday,

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