Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Christmas Wish List

Have you started your Christmas Wish List?

Amidst Thanksgiving, holiday decorating, Christmas shopping, and every day life, I managed to find a little time to write my wish list for any little elf who is inclinded to surprise me. Since I'm on Santa's "Good List," I have big dreams this holiday season!

Here is a taste of what I hope to find under the tree on Christmas morning.

Gift Cards- Target, Gas, Groceries, Ann Taylor Loft, Lowes Hardware (DIY supplies, duh!), Starbucks

Hoover Stick Vac because I'm tired of sweeping and this baby has some powerful suction!

Springform pan is really one of those things that I occasionally need but not reguarly enough to buy it for myself. Do you have one? How often do you use it?

Infinity Scarf- I. LOVE. SCARVES. Seriously, who doesn't love the pop of color, pattern, or texture that a scarf offers?! This infinity scarf is from my friends over at Poppies336 on Etsy. 
(PS- Shop Poppies336 on etsy. Do it. All the cool kids are.)

Cloche Hat. I wish we could return to the days when ladies wore hats.

Classes. So if I were super rich, this would be my only gym membership. I'm starting to enjoy pure barre eventhough every muscle in my body hurts right now from last night! Classes are kinda pricey so it is a treat to workout there. Maybe Santa will bring me a package of classes!

Burberry perfume. Simple, Classic, Me.

Only in my dreams will I own a Nikon d5100 AND know how to use every aspect of this gorgeous piece of photography heaven. I hope I'll find this beauty, a few lenses, and a private tutor under the tree with my name on it!

I have a few items on my list that I can't google to share with you. Particularly, a photo of my great grandmother and her 4 sisters. The photo is fondly referred to as "the 5 sisters." I am named after my great grandmother and even though I never met her, I have always felt this strong connection with her. When my grandma passed away, my aunt got the original photo and frame. What I would give for the original (and my grandma's wedding band, but that's a whole other story). I hope this year Santa will bring me an elegantly framed reproduction for my own living room.

Also, I need a little help from magic elves to make this wish happen. In the tiny town my Grandma lived in, there is a deli that has a photo of the town's movie theater in its heyday that I would kill for. I tried and tried to reach the owner of the deli last winter to secure my own copy but it was a fruitless battle. Wish me luck as I tried to reach him again this holiday season. I sure do hope that holiday cheer will be in his heart when I call.

What's on your Christmas list???

Okay dear friends, it is beyond my bedtime!

Until Next Time,
Southern Girl

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