Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holy Moly 24 Hours!

WOW....that is the only word to describe the past 24 hours!

Let's start from the beginning. Last night I skipped out on Jingle Ball, a city cocktail party to benefit Toys-for-Tots, to get some Christmas shopping done. I got all the mall stuff taken care of and I headed back home last night feeling like I got everything under control....famous last words.

I got home, sorted through my shopping bags, added them to the other Christmas presents, and curled up on the couch to veg for about 45 minutes before bed. Just as I settled in, my roommate popped out of her room and came into the living room and started chatting away. I knew instantly something was up but hoped that maybe she was just bored. My first instinct was correct- she is moving in with her boyfriend. Great! Congrats! (Good luck?) I can't help but wonder if I'm cursed or charmed. This is the 3rd roommate to move out of this house and in with their boyfriend!

Ready for the kicker in this little story of mine?! Even though we have 2 months left on our 3 month agreement, she wants to move out on December 22nd. Again, December 22nd. Two weeks notice! Uhhh can you say SHOCKED! Honestly it didn't all sink in until this morning. I woke up just plain mad. Wouldn't you be angry??

I went to work this morning and spent some time talking to my parents for advice. I decided that roomie and I would revisit the discussion asap so I took the time to put my thoughts in order.

In the mean time, my doctor's office called with the results of my blood test, testing allergy/environmental. Apparently, I have elevated levels to dust mites, cat/dog dander, pecan trees, and wheat. OMG!!

Here is the humor in that list-
  • I have a HUGE pecan tree in my yard. Remember? Seriously. How many people do you know with a pecan tree in their yard??? I bet a big fat ZERO, unless you count me!
  • Cat/dog dander. All I can do is laugh! I've had cats my entire life! Also, this was going to be a separate post but I'm happy to introduce you to my sweet babe, Bella! She is spoiled rotten! But we'll have a proper introduction to come.
  • Wheat?! Uggggg, goodbye bread, beer, pasta, etc. It's a sad, sad day. Bright side, I should be dropping some pounds in the near future! 

My doctor has decided that not only do I have a wheat allergy, but I have to go see a gastroenterologist to ensure I don't have celiac disease. Hello gluten free life! sigh...Does anyone have good recipes to share? This is all new to me.

Is anyone else tired at this point?! I am. My day was exhausting with all the drama thrown at me left and right! Never a dull moment.

Even thought I was worn out, I still had to revisit the moving convo with roomie when I got home from work. Basically I laid it ALL out. I have nothing to lose (ie- mutual friendships being impacted). I gave her 2 options, stood my ground, expressed my disappointment and frustration. I certainly do not appreciated the lack of notice nor the expectation that its okay to bail on an agreement. I feel like I was backed against a wall during the initial conversation and overall taken advantage of and that is not okay.

I am very proud of myself for facing this issue head-on. I rarely do such a bold move. My hands were shaking the whole time! I was honest so we'll see what happens. I gave her until Sunday to let me know how she would like to proceed. I gently reminded her that its only natural to need time to process big news and since I wasn't given that same respect I took the opportunity to have a teaching moment. I'll let you know how things turn out!

Considering the eventful 24 hours, I should have gone to bed HOURS ago!

Beyond Bedtime,

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