Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I tried a ballet class tonight!! And, wow Pure Barre kicked my tail. We started immediately with push-ups, leg lifts, and planking. Balls, hand weights and bands were all involved, along with tucking hips and working muscles against each other. It was a major core workout and I was sweating like a pig on a stick within minutes of the class starting. The whole ordeal was 55 minutes long. Oddly, the 55 minutes flew by, thank you baby jesus; but the 30 second intervals were slooooow AND painful. Cheers to being able to walk tomorrow!!

I do want to go again but it wasn't ballet enough for me. It was lots of muscle toning which I do need; however, I was hoping for a few more battements, jetes, or piques. Secretly I was hoping we would do some barre exercises, then maybe a combination across the floor, add in a few arabesques, a port de bras here and there then call it a day. (Sorry, I don't know how to do the accent mark.)

I ended up choosing this class thanks to trusty old, facebook. But it was like I was meant to take this class tonight since I had just blogged about it. While I was Elkin for the wedding, I saw on fb that a friend wanted to try the class and was looking for some friends to join her. I jumped on the opportunity to have some moral support while returning to the ballet barre after 10 years! I think we're going back next week. Thanks ERob!

Look at me! Blogging AND ballet in one night. I wonder what else the week has in store. Maybe a date?!?! Probably not, but this forever-bridesmaid still has hope.

I'll be back later to blog about the state fair and other DIY projects that I've decided to add to my list.

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