Sunday, October 16, 2011

Back so soon?!

Well lookie here, I'm back to blog! I'm actively working to make time for my projects. I know its only Sunday but I'm thinking that next weekend will be a painting weekend (depending on the weather). I have two nightstands that need a face lift along with my kitchen table and chairs. I think I'll pick just one project per weekend. Which project should I tackle first? Decisions, decisions.

This past weekend was perfect. I took Friday off and left town Thursday afternoon. I got to spend some serious quality time my nephew. I need to make that a priority as well. I do see him at least one a month but usually its never just he and I. He is growing up so quickly!

Once I dropped off my nephew at daycare, I headed toward the foothills to enjoy a wedding weekend for some dear friends. I met friends for wine tasting on Friday afternoon, then we all checked into the hotel to get ready for a Friday evening party to kick off the wedding celebrations!

First Winery of the Weekend! (personal photo)

We went to several more through out the weekend. I got wine glasses at 3 of the 5 wineries. I'm sad that one was not selling glasses and I simply forgot to buy a glass at the final winery of the weekend, which also happened to be the wedding venue. Failure!

View during the wedding ceremony. (personal photo)

I also tried to get pictures of the sign/gate for each winery but I failed at that too....guess I was enjoying all the tastings! I wish I could have more weekends like this all the time!

RagApple Lassie (personal photo)

I enjoyed RagAppleLassie and Raffaldini Vineyards the most. I would like to go back to the area and continue tasting other wineries.

This coming week I will continue my challenge of working on my priorities. Bunco is Tuesday (yippie!) and I think Wednesday I'm going to take a ballet barre class. I'm sure a barre workout is going to kick my tail!

What are you goals? How are you planning to accomplishing them?

Note- I have more photos to share from the weekend but they won't upload at the moment. I will work to fix the problem.

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