Wednesday, May 16, 2012

S + P Nuptials in the Sunshine State (part 1)

Okay, I've said that life was a whirlwind for a few weeks. Lets put a little perspective on this...

Tuesday was my last day of old job. Wednesday morning (5am) I loaded up the car with Shannon and we drove the 9-10 hours to Florida for her wedding weekend. Saturday we walked down the aisle, Shannon said "I do," then we toasted the couple and celebrated all night! Sunday I flew back to the capital city and Monday morning I started a new job!! The move took place the following Saturday, aka Shannon's one week wedding anniversary!!

Yaya road trip and Florida! 

Funny side story- Shannon and I were about 30 minutes into our drive and I realized that neither of us had grabbed my dresses (including my bridesmaid dress)!! I just assumed Shannon had grabbed them since they were hanging over my suitcase. She assumed I grabbed them. We are some lucky girls because Shannon's sister had not left the capital city yet. Stacia zipped on over to my house and grabbed all my dresses and certainly saved the day!!

The road trip and the few days in Florida prior to the wedding were amazing. Like my soul need to recharge. The wedding took place at Grandma Lynn's house. Shannon and I stayed there for a few nights before moving to the hotel with the rest of the wedding party.

Once we arrived in the sunshine state, we noticed all the smoke from the forest fires that were apparently happening all over the state. We never saw a fire but we drove for hours with this weird smoke.


My morning view. Serene. I'm so glad the smoke didn't follow us.

I started each morning on the deck with a big cup of coffee and a book. It was my peace before each chaotic, wedding-packed day.

When we arrived, we hung out with the family and seriously relaxed. Grandma Lynn made some fabulous meals for us, we drank some great wine and enjoyed each other's company. Sorry I don't have more photos but I completely checked out. I was in the moment and cherishing the special time that Shannon and I had before she became a Mrs.

Friday was the bridal luncheon at Aunt Nan's home. She hosted us on the porch with a lovely lunch. Shannon gave us our bridesmaids gifts at the end of the lunch. We all got Vera Bradley totes- each were different to match each girl's personality. We also got earrings, again different for each girl. Seriously the gift kept coming! Finally we each got a Velcro towel wrap with our initial on it.

After the luncheon, I worked on Shannon's practice bouquet for the rehearsal.

The happy couple!

Shannon and Patrick got married in the front yard with the lake off in the distance. We entered the ceremony through the front doors. It was a loooooooong aisle!! Fortunately, Shannon let us wear flats with our dresses so the walk was totes manageable.

We got through with the rehearsal and headed out to Grandma Lynn's barn for the rehearsal dinner.
We had bbq and a crayfish boil. It was my first crayfish boil and those little suckers are good!

Bride in yellow, MOH to the left and friends.

The "adults" warming up with the karaoke!

The rest of the night was a blur of fun! We all headed to the hotel bar after we closed down the barn. I met lots of new friends then the MOH and I decided it was time to put the bride to bed. We all needed our beauty rest!

Florida was fabulous and I'm seriously glossing over half the stuff we did! We were all over the place to make everything happen.

I will devote a whole post to the wedding day. I hope you enjoyed the pictures and my random stories ha

~Southern Gal~

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