Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm a bad blogger.

I'm sorry that it has been months since my last post. I have no real reason or excuse. I got out of habit and wasn't sure how to pick it back up. I guess I'll just jump right in again.

Quick recap and things I've learned over the past 4 months...
-I have lived out of a suitecase. Travels include Orlando, Myrtle Beach, Charlotte, Greensboro, Myrtle Beach again, and DC.
-I've been in two weddings, two more friends got engaged, and several people have announced babies.
-I have been a bad Junior Leaguer- opps!
-Cherry blossoms are beautiful!
-The Eastern Market might be my new favorite place. Wish I could go every weekend.
-I'm another year older.
-The Magic Kingdom does not serve adult beverages; however, Epcot does.
-Don't go to Malibu's on a Thursday'll feel RULL old!
-I have really good friends. Turns out that its a blessing that I can't hide anything from them.
-A Kate Spade is the best bridesmaid gift I've EVER gotten.
-I watched a couple get married recently and I feel like I now know true love thanks to the happily newlyweds. The bride's excitement of getting to spend forever with her new hubby was indescribable. It was truly something to aim for on my search for my Groom.
-Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero sing my new favorite song- Home. Go listen to it! Thank you to the newest Mrs. H for playing it throughout your wedding weekend!

I'm sure a thousand more things have happened but I'm clueless at the moment.

Happy Friday!

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