Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Other Side of 3am

I failed my Memorial Day weekend goal. I didn't blog. Does life ever slow down?!

Tour de Cure started today! Its a two day bike event to raise funds to cure diabetes. AKA, supporting this event is my new job. Yes, I started 6 weeks before a 2-day, 200 mile, road bike event. I'm crazy. I've learned my job at the busiest time of the year. I left my old job at the tail end of a busy season, just to start a new job in the midst of busy season. Seriously, I'm ready for down time. My soul is yearning for sandy feet and salty air.

Anyways, today I realized that 3 am looks very different when you are on your way to work, versus on your way home from an evening of cocktails!! I had to be at the event site at 4am so I was on the road by 3:30am. I can't believe I'm awake and typing coherent sentences- at least I hope my writing is grammatically correct! The morning went smoothly and I happily sent everyone on their way. Once the bikers left, the crew broke everything down and I headed to the office to crunch numbers.

I got really lucky with my day-of job. All the other staff hit the road with the bikers and are coordinating the all the rest stops and the overnight event. I'm at home in bed AND I've had a nap this afternoon. Lord, thank you for this blessing.

Tomorrow is Day 2 and we will have a couple more local bike rides while we welcome back to town the 200 milers. I don't have to be at the event site until 6am so I get to sleep in! Yippie lol

I didn't sleep very well last night because I was so worried that my volunteers wouldn't show up, the thunderstorm wouldn't pass through by morning. or the t-shirts would be wrong! Everything went smoothly today so fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Alright, I'm heading to bed.

Sweet Dreams Darlings,

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